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Consistent object representation of basic data types. Inheritance friendly implementation. Provides Arr (array), Obj (object), Str (string), Number (float), Integer (int) and Boolean (bool) classes.


Install with Composer;

composer require phrity/o


Full documentation.


The package contain the following classes:

Class Reflects Implements
Arr array ArrayAccess Countable Iterator Traversable Comparable Equalable
Obj object Comparable Equalable
Str string Comparable Equalable
Integer int Comparable Equalable
Number float Comparable Equalable
Boolean bool Comparable Equalable


Version PHP
1.2 ^7.1 Str (string), Number (float), Integer (int) and Boolean (bool) classes
1.1 >=5.6 Comparison support
1.0 >=5.6 Arr (array) and Obj (object) classes