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Implementation of the PSR-7 UriInterface and PSR-17 UriFactoryInterface interfaces.

Nothing fancy. Just working. Because I need a URI implementation not hardwired to HTTP messaging. And some extras. Allow all valid schemes.


Install with Composer;

composer require phrity/net-uri

Uri class methods

Implemts PSR-7 UriInterface and provides some extra metods and options. More info here.

use Phrity\Net\Uri;
$uri = new Uri('');

// PSR-7 getters

// PSR-7 setters
$uri->withUserInfo('username', 'password');

// Additional methods
$uri->withQueryItems(['query1' => '1', 'query2' => '2']);
$uri->withQueryItem('query1', '1');
$uri->withComponents(['scheme' => 'https', 'host' => '']);

UriFactory class methods

Implemts PSR-17 UriFactoryInterface and provides some extra metods and options. More info here.

use Phrity\Net\UriFactory;
$factory = new UriFactory();
$factory->createUriFromInterface(new GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Uri(''));


Out of the box, it will behave as specified by PSR standards. To change behaviour, there are some modifiers available. These can be added as last argument in all get and with methods, plus the toString method.

  • REQUIRE_PORT - Attempt to show port, even if default
  • ABSOLUTE_PATH - Will cause path to use absolute form, i.e. starting with /
  • NORMALIZE_PATH - Will attempt to normalize path
  • IDN_ENCODE / IDN_DECODE - Encode or decode IDN-format for non-ASCII host
  • URI_DECODE / URI_ENCODE / URI_ENCODE_3986 - Encode or decode URI components


$uri = new Uri('');
$uri->getPort(Uri::REQUIRE_PORT); // => 80
$uri->toString(Uri::REQUIRE_PORT); // => ''

$uri = new Uri('a/./path/../to//something');
$uri->getPath(Uri::ABSOLUTE_PATH | Uri::NORMALIZE_PATH); // => '/a/to/something'
$uri->toString(Uri::ABSOLUTE_PATH | Uri::NORMALIZE_PATH); // => '/a/to/something'

$clone = $uri->withPath('path/./somewhere/else/..', Uri::ABSOLUTE_PATH | Uri::NORMALIZE_PATH);
$clone->getPath(); // => '/path/somewhere'

$uri = new Uri('https://ηßöø必Дあ.com');
$uri->getHost(Uri::IDN_ENCODE); // => ''


Version PHP
2.1 ^8.0 URI encode/decode options
2.0 ^8.0 Query helpers, with([]) and getComponents() methods, IDN encode/decode
1.3 ^7.4|^8.0
1.2 ^7.4|^8.0 IDNA modifier
1.1 ^7.4|^8.0 Require port, Absolute path, Normalize path modifiers
1.0 ^7.4|^8.0 Initial version