You know how it is, ending up creating pretty much the same things over and over again. Copy that class or code block from one project to another, then fix an issue in one version but not the others, and so on.

So I decided to start generalizing those often re-used code components and include them as dependencies instead. And why not make them public? No rocket science going on, no sensitive business logic hidden in these classes (sorry).

More to come.



Package Description Composer
Comparison Interfaces and helper trait for comparing objects. phrity/comparison
Config Configuration interface, class, readers, and factory. phrity/config
DateTime DateTime utilities. phrity/datetime
O Consistent object representation of basic data types. phrity/o
WebSocket WebSocket client and server. Replaces textalk/websocket. phrity/websocket
Stream Stream and socket library, including socket server and client. phrity/net-stream
URI Implementation of PSR-7 Uri and PSR-17 UriFactory. phrity/net-uri
Mock Mock library for net-stream. phrity/net-mock
OpenApi OpenApi runtime adapter for Slim v4. phrity/slim-openapi
Accessor Utility to handle access to a data set by using access paths. phrity/util-accessor
ErrorHandler Utility library for handling errors and warnings. phrity/util-errorhandler
Numerics Utility library for numerics. phrity/util-numerics