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Tools for handling configuration. Interfaces, implementation class, various readers and a factory.


Install with Composer;

composer require phrity/config

The ConfigurationInterface interface

The Phrity\Config\ConfigurationInterface extends PSR-11 ContainerInterface and JsonSerializable interfaces.

// ContainerInterface implementation
public function get(string $id): mixed;
public function has(string $id): bool;

// JsonSerializable implementation
public function jsonSerialize(): mixed;

// Additional methods
public function __construct(object|array $config);
public function merge(ConfigurationInterface $config): ConfigurationInterface;

The Configuration class

The Phrity\Config\Configuration class implements the ConfigurationInterface.

use Phrity\Config\Configuration;

// Initiate with object or associative array
$config = new Configuration(['a' => 23, 'b' => ['bb' => 66]]);

// Check and get (case insensitive) from configuration
$config->has('a'); // => true
$config->get('a'); // => 23

// Trying to get non-exising configuration will throw exception
$config->has('c'); // => false
$config->get('c'); // throws NotFoundException

// It is possible to access by path
$config->has('b/bb'); // => true
$config->get('b/bb'); // => 66

// If default is specified, non-exising configuration will return that value instead of throwing exception
$config->get('a', default: 99); // => 23
$config->get('c', default: 99); // => 99

// Configurations can be merged (immutable, new instance will be returned)
$additional = new Configuration(['c' => 12, 'b' => ['bc' => 13]]);
$merged = $config->merge($additional);

The Reader classes

A number of configuration readers are available.

The JsonReader class

The Phrity\Config\JsonReader parses provided JSON string.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\JsonReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration(json: '{"a": 23}');

The JsonFileReader class

The Phrity\Config\JsonFileReader parses a file containing JSON.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\JsonFileReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration(path: 'path/to/config.json');

The YamlReader class

The Phrity\Config\YamlReader parses provided YAML string. The symfony/yaml library must be required to use this reader.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\YamlReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration(yaml: 'a: 23');

The YamlFileReader class

The Phrity\Config\YamlFileReader parses a file containing YAML. The symfony/yaml library must be required to use this reader.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\YamlFileReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration(path: 'path/to/config.yaml');

The EnvReader class

The Phrity\Config\EnvReader parses environment variables.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\EnvReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration();

The EnvFileReader class

The Phrity\Config\EnvFileReader parses a file containing env data. The symfony/dotenv library must be required to use this reader.

$reader = new Phrity\Config\EnvFileReader();
$config = $reader->createConfiguration(path: 'path/to/.env');

The ConfigurationFactory class

The Phrity\Config\ConfigurationFactory provides shortcuts to create and merge configurations.

$factory = new Phrity\Config\ConfigurationFactory();

$configJson = $factory->fromJson(json: '{"a": 23}');
$configJsonFile = $factory->fromJsonFile(path: 'path/to/config.json');
$configYaml = $factory->fromYaml(yaml: 'n: 23');
$configYamlFile = $factory->fromYamlFile(path: 'path/to/config.yaml');
$configEnv = $factory->fromEnv();
$configEnvFile = $factory->fromEnvFile('.env');

$configMerged = $factory->merge(


Version PHP
1.1 ^8.1 Readers (yaml, env-file)
1.0 ^8.1 Interface, implementation, readers (json, json-file, yaml-file, env), factory